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There is plenty of help available to assist you in establishing your legacy.  Whether you want to speak with someone or do your own research on the internet, we’ve provided the resources for you to get started!

February 11, 2014
Imagine Canada pleased with federal budget measures relating to charities

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March 24, 2011
Imagine Canada Reacts to 2011 Federal Budget

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March 23, 2011
Special Government Relations Bulletin

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February 8, 2011
Philanthropist donates $12 million to Mississauga Health Sciences Complex

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Carpenter Coach Doctor
Carpenter Coach Doctor
Janitor Pet Groomer Symphony
Janitor Pet Groomer Symphony

Here is a list of websites where you can look up various charities for the causes that are important to you

Canada Revenue Agency List of Canadian registered Charities
This Government of Canada site provides information about registered charities including their boards of directors, programs and mandates, new programs, staffing and more.

Charity Village
Select an area of interest under “Links to NPO’s” (NonProfit Neighbourhood) and Charity Village will provide you with a list of links to related charities.

Canadian Donors Guide
This site provides location, contact information, charitable registration number and in many cases, a brief description of the charity.

Imagine Canada (formerly the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy)
Canada's national program to promote public and corporate giving, volunteering and support to the community.

Taking It Global
This website provides information and discussions on emerging global issues.

You can contact the CAGP membership coordinator to locate one of our member advisors:

  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Estate Planner
  • Financial Planner
  • Stock Broker
  • Insurance Broker
  • Planned Giving Officer
  • Philanthropy Consultant

Her contact info is below:

Jessica Thirgood, Coordinator, Membership & Development.
email: jthirgood@cagp-acpdp.org
Phone: 613-232-7991 Ext. 227


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